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Kava Kava works great for sleep

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Been using Kava Kava the past 5 days and I use it first thing in the morning, mixing well with Kratom, and I have been able to sleep at night early and fairly easy. This stuff can take a long time to start working with its reverse tolerance and I haven't felt anything from it yet other than the first day I got like a 15 min buzz, but at night it does help me sleep if anyone wanted to try something more natural for sleep. I also recommend magnesium taken at night with it, helps with deeper sleep and just getting to sleep. I have been dreaming a lot more since taking the magnesium, nothing major usually dreams wake me up but these have been light dreams, I usually don't even remember them after 5 minutes of being awake lol. Also I am not waking up as much at night. I did wake up twice last night and twice the night before but that is nothing compared to the 4+ times I usually wake up. Last night I did wake up and grabbed a water bottle on my nightstand and knocked it down and got everything wet though lol.......damn it! Well hope this helps someone out there, take it from me, I get horrible sleep and I feel like I don't even go into deep sleep but the past few days have been ok, to me sleeping pills give me crappy sleep and hangovers this has been much better.


Thank you,



P.S. This stuff can make you feel sick I just drank like 18 oz of it, I use powdered root, it also made me feel a little weird, kind of like a very very very mild weed feeling I guess, but that only last 20min-1hour. This stuff works decent for anxiety too. I will see how well it works after a month of using since that is when you should really start feeling it and can cut back on how much you use!

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