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Magnesium update


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My supps after long trial and error:

vit d 5000iu

vit b bulkpowders formula (uk)

magnesium oxide (quarter teaspoon)

acetylcysteine (half teaspoon)


If i were to recommend one it would be the enzymes, tho the other ones are enzyme cofactors so maybe they work as a group.  I am on nattokinase, serrapeptase, and solgar digestive enzymes.  I think it is the solgar that has the most effect tho its hard to tell.

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no, just spectacularly clear headed and awake.  My visuals are not very severe anyway so i'm not a great guinea pig for that.  My issues are mainly brain fog/fatigue and head sensations/pressure.  I had brain fog before hppd tho, so maybe i have a leaky gut or some enzyme insufficiency so undigested food is entering my blood which is left for cellular detoxing rather than gut detoxing.  With all that crap in my system my brain maybe wasnt able to process the psychedelic experience and so hppded me from very low dose of mushrooms.  All the supps seem to have the same effect but boost each other - just clearing up my head and grounding me.  It seems strange they are so similar in effect, which suggests either they are working on the same mechanism (poss calcium-glutamate) or just different ways that just end up in generally feeling better.  But now the enzymes are so good, im thinking maybe that is the connection.  All my supps are enzyme cofactors - coincidence?

I'm also trying c60 lipofullerene as a possible epigenetic modifier at the moment but without noticeable effect.  But maybe it will help me live past 100 like that c60 rat experiment.

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If anyone cares I've been taking magnesium for a few weeks and unfortunately I think it mad my fogginess,snow,and after images work. Anyone know of any other supplement I can try?


Lemon balm will help with the anxiety, its a natural GABA Agonist. BTW, Excess Magnesium will create alot of balances elswhere in the body. Such as calcium. To much of anything is bad.

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