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do we know what neurotransmitters are wrong? Or just speculation?


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Chop, Chop ... I've never like those pre-mortem exams.  Wait for postmortem...









Somewhere they have NIH articles about LSD causing damage to certain inverse serotonin receptors.  The use of GABA (benzo receptors are subtype of GABA) meds may help in a substitute way like putting the brakes on with a runaway car - but haven't heard of any damage to GABA receptors.  Advance Parkinson's has some visual issues thus lending evidence to possible dopamine involvement.  And Dr A used similarities between HPPD brain activity and brains with COMT polymophisms as a basis of his dopamine drug trial.


Haven't read about dissecting HPPD brains.  It might not show much since any change is actually very slight - even though we suffer some nasty symptoms.


So it is all detective work in the early stages ... the gun is still smoking.

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So there is a lot of talk about gaba, dopamine etc etc being disregulated in hppd.  Do we know this for a fact or is it just informed speculation? Is there a way of knowing for a fact - spinal tap, brain scans etc?


Its just speculation, its most probable that its wrong as well, as if it were there are drugs that can realter GABA and dopamine, but they dont solve the problem. So it is elsewhere.


EDIT   ^^^Thats how I felt for the first 3 months! lol.

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