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Again: excercis, good or bad for you?


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I did my first 45 min at the gym today for the first time in 2 years. I did what i used to do, heavy lifting and my body as weight. After i felt great but i noticed that i got a lot of symptoms that i do not have anymore due to meds like vs and glares, trails etc. The reason could be that i had a severe food poisoning in the middle East a week ago which made me more vulnureble.

I really liked going to the gym, being around people and the work out Itself.

I will take this week to Evaluate but i would like to ask the community how you experience a hit at the gym/track.

Needless to sak, i got a major boost in energy but not sure if its worth a couple of days of worsened symptoms. Any idea why this is happening?

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I biked 56km a few days ago, because i was so sick tired anxious, and thought. This must help. I never went this far without pause, the ride itself was ok, but the day after i was all day in bed. There is good news though, after the day off in bed, i felt perfect - seems like the same story as yours, I think it has to do with too much of exposure, and you need to heal from that.

I keep excersing, biking is the best for me, also swimming helps alot. It makes you feel weird in the water (DP thingie) but when i had the DP attack which i expected, i had a good time swimming.

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Exercise - definitely going to be good in the long run (no pun intended). It might produce temporary exacerbation due to putting the body under physiological extremities like raising BP, more oxygen going to brain etc (e.g when I cough deeply these weird dots appear allover my vision which don't normally occur, but cease after about a minute).



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