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  Is there a way to find out that I suffer from HPPD instead of being dismissed as a hypochondriac?!I mean, what studies or scans? Also things has been hard, the frustration and the self hate is consuming me. I hate suffering, but I detest that my mother sees me suffering even more. She is used to see a strong determined young man and now I'm but a shadow of my former self. I want to fight this, and I will! but I feel that enduring the pain is inevitable. In another topic (any human being would), I did developed most of my symptoms after reading about them (probably clinching towards hope that i probably suffer from something else.) so I would like to know if there is a form of testing or analyses that i could suggest to my GP so I could finally show what I'm suffering from.

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If u did psychedelic drugs that altered ur mind then had a bad trip or freaked out with high anxiety slash panic, followed by a drummed up over load on ur brain, then woke up the next day with a residue affect by still feeling slightly intoxicated from ur personal experience if yes??? "WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF H.P.P.D" if no then u might be a hypochondriac. If u have tracers, trails, streamers, dr/dp, hallucinations, tinnitus, channel vision, liquid vision, afterimages, halo's and ghostly mirrored hues while not being intoxicated on drugs then again "WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF H.P.P.D"

Sorry about ur luck if u fall underneath the symptoms or situation.. Hppd25years now.. And still rolling..

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