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It would be interesting to me to see everybody's living conditions. Just a picture of your rooms to see if anyone has a clean room or if they just don't give a shit about their living conditions due to the stress of hppd. I personally try to keep a clean room ill post a pic soon.

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i had my very bad phase years ago.. its still hard to give a shit sometimes but living on my own every few days i try to go room to room and excise the trash and keep it manageable. 


but yeah.. i had my very very very bad years.. locked in room. stopped talking to many friends outside of playing mmo.. would go to work and come home and just do nothing. easy to get stuck in that rut but its just as easy to break it by pushing yourself to do it whether you care about the mess or not.

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My room at home is cleaned with deadly precision, i can not tolerate a single misplaced piece of refuse on my floor.  My room itself is adorned with weaponry and pictures from my deployments.  I don't see it as much as my Dad is the owner of the house, but he enjoys walking in and seeing my belongings, they make him feel closer to me as he says.

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I've never been clean. It's much easier for me to justify things being dirtier, though. Im kind  of a helpless, hopeless, pessimistic, chain smoker these days. Rooms always dark. I'm really unkempt and feel rather unhealthy. Like any day I'll wake up in heaven and the angels will tell me I lived a full life and died in my sleep unhealthy.

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I've always tended towards the more disheveled and disarrayed, and HPPD certainly hasn't done many any favours in that regard! Impaired organisational skills, lack of connection to the external world, general apathy/amotivation... Not sure exactly what the main factor is - probably a little of all of the above - but I really struggle to be as organised and fastidious as I'd like to be/used to be. I'll tend to let things get bad to the point that I can't stand them any longer, then do one big clean; lather, rinse, repeat. Crashing on some fairly dysfunctional relatives' couch at the moment - long story - so I don't really have my own space to keep in order.

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