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Has anyone heard of this compound? Here's what I originally found:


  Dexanabinol Pharmos 
Pop E. 
Alchem Laboratories Corporation, 
Alachua, FL 32615, USA.
Curr Opin Investig Drugs 2000 Dec;1(4):494-503


Then, this (I don't like abstracts and typically aim for reading full studies, but couldn't find em with my brief search): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11990913 "Conclusions: Dexanabinol was safe and well tolerated in severe head injury. The treated patients achieved significantly better intracranial pressure/cerebral perfusion pressure control without jeopardizing blood pressure. A trend toward faster and better neurologic outcome was also observed."Dexanabinol is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid NMDA receptor antagonist under development by Pharmos Corp for the potential treatment of cerebral ischemia, glaucoma, Alzheimer's disease, cardiac failure, head injury and multiple sclerosis (MS) [311522]; it is in phase III trials for traumatic brain injury (TBI) [388709]. Dexanabinol was licensed to Pharmos for development from its originator, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem [180441]. Pharmos is seeking to enter into a strategic agreement with another company to develop and commercialize dexanabinol [317369]. Unlike its enantiomer, HU-210 (Yissum Research Development Co), dexanabinol does not interact with cannabinoid receptors [223330]. It has also exhibited more effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties than MK-801 (dizocilpine; Merck & Co Inc) [167980], [168212]. In addition, dexanabinol is generally well tolerated and appears toxicologically safe [170116]. Pharmos has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Division of Stroke and Trauma. The grant covers the development of new prodrugs and novel formulations of dexanabinol and will support additional study of dexanabinol compounds for various indications. The prodrugs being studied are part of the group of compounds that include dexanabinol [247958]. A Notice of Allowance was received in March 1999 on a patent covering the use of the drug in the treatment of MS [324163]. The use of dexanabinol and its derivatives to treat MS is described in US-05932610 [358503]. An oral formulation of dexanabinol is claimed in US-05891468. Dexanabinol analogs with special utility in acute and chronic pain are claimed in US-04876276, while dexanabinol analogs for neuroprotection are claimed in US-06096740. Pharmos estimates that the worldwide market for dexanabinol in the treatment of severe head trauma may reach $1 billion per year
Found it available here: http://www.tocris.com/dispprod.php?ItemId=81934 is this entirely legal to purchase? Highly expensive, but perhaps it'd be a good purchase?
Looking for anyone's input!
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I fail to see why this might be particularly useful, perhaps you could explain? As I have posted more thoroughly elsewhere (admittedly this is quite ineptly written, I would like to re-write it now I have a better understanding), antagonising the NMDA receptor does not make sense to me, considering that the flow of calcium ions through it is required for LTP, memory formation, synaptic plasticity etc. and that its antagonism produces schizophrenic-like symptoms. Fear extinction, a process I believe needs to take place, requires this receptor to be open. It is my view that blocking this receptor might be palliative, but will not allow your brain to do the emotional processing required for a full recovery. 

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That is a valid point, and to be honest, I completely agree. I think it's a mild NMDA-antagonist, perhaps even very mild. It's main effects seem to be lowering inflammation and 'pressure' in various areas as well as enhancing resilience to various stressors, hence why I found it interesting. I actually think that my problems were caused by extreme NMDA-antagonism, but I posted this here for others because I don't think there's a one-sized-fits-all approach to HPPD due to all the different causes, symptoms, etc.


Interesting you bring up long term potentiation and what not - I was thinking of giving the well renowned "chemically induced long term potentiation - CILTEP" stack a try with creatine to study and form memories and apply that to solving HPPD and associated problems; many people claim that they essentially get the yearning to just go and sign up for online courses, watch lectures, etc. and they have tons of mental energy - they can study all day without waning and they retain the information better and make better connections. I'm just worried about becoming too stimulated using it.


I'm glad you brought the negatives of NMDA-antagonism up. Have you had success with NMDA-agonists, and if so, what ones? I've been speaking to Dr. Peat a lot and I'm going to be adding a ton of bone broth into my diet and I'll probably buy a bunch of collagen/gelatin protein. Is pregnenolone an NMDA-agonist, or more of a 'regulator'? It seems safe to supplement, even at my young age (19) - it was used in some case studies of people in their early 20's with ADD/ADHD and anxiety and what not along with DHEA and other hormone and hormone-like substances, so a small dose of pregnenolone can't harm me (though, indirectly it can raise estrogen).

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Sorry for the delayed response!

I understand why the drug would theoretically help (except for the NMDA antagonism), but it just seems quite unspecific to HPPD, and not something particularly useful, to me. But, who knows? I'd be interested to hear a report...


Thank you for reminding me about the stack. CILTEP sounds exactly like that kind of thing that needs to take place or that would help (to me). In fact, I ordered a four month supply. I share the same concern with you about overstimulation, but IMO, we do need to create the potential for our brain to develop. It is, of course, very important to resolve the disinhibition that HPPD presents, but you don't want to inhibit everything.. you need stimulation as well. Quiet down the parts roaring, and develop the parts that are hypoactive/damaged. Lots of people pack in Levetiracetam, Lamotrigine etc. saying it makes them even more depressed.. well, I'm not surprised if that's all that's going on. Almost like a global off switch to the brain, when you're already feeling shit.

I have had success with Nefiracetam, an NMDA modulator/potentiater. I believe modulation is what needs to happen at this receptor; think 'modulating fear'. D-Cyloserine excites me lots. I have a bunch of other things that work at the NMDA receptor i.e Glycine, Pregnenolone, Sarcosine, but never got around to trying them. I personally don't see why it would be negative to supplement Pregnenolone, but that's just based on my own research. 

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I'm receiving an EmWave I got off of Ebay tomorrow, and am probably going to buy all the books and print out all the full text studies on the topic I can, and after studying and practicing rigorously, I'll probably start using CILTEP. I'm really just wary of the over-stimulation with my current state of mind (i.e. EXTREME DR/DP leading to severe panic attacks and a lasting feeling of background anxiety 24/7 as of the past 4-5 days). I think CILTEP and other seemingly simple yet potent things similar to it can help us HPPDer's out a lot. I definitely plan on using it to study for hours on end with some mnemonic's and spaced repetition and what not to retain information. I'm excited to try it in the near future.


Do you still use Nefiracetam? As I stated, I believe my problems reside in NMDA-atagonism which has often produced Schizophrenic symptoms, which is often how I describe how I feel to my fiance/mom when I'm in the middle of a "wave" of symptoms - that I feel how I would imagine a schizophrenic would feel. A lot of my symptoms fall right in line with NMDA-antagonism, and the substances I believe caused my HPPD, again, are all atagonists. My experiments I'm planning on conducting soon will be documented really well; I plan on using some of Gwern's methods of blinding and recording data, along with heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, blood glucose, pictures, etc. and using this along with journals to test NMDA-agonists/modulators. Bone broth and gelatinous foods along with collagen/gelatin and glyicine will be used. Perhaps pregnenolone. I know I'm young but pregnenolone seems like a viable option.

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Try Biowave subsonics it stimulates Stamatatica cellular tippiates which reocculate the Arcadian durandiens. Beta-NMPPA dissipation instantly transitions into Alpha-t9 which overrides the trtc's from duplication support. Whilst photonic Freon's obscure the nonionic surfactant delivery it to has true potential value to its holistic approach in that specific regard. Amino enzymatics do create a former Gahanna systemic relapse that could retrigger flighter mode thus anxiety intolerance. I'm thinking about experimenting with this with a knuckle ball type frame of mind.. Wish me luck..

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U kno I was a actually thinking about that last week.. 25 years can any body even phantom the thought.. Let alone to realistically live with this mind fuck for that kind of duration?? Christ most people don't even work for a company for that time period or even the peeps on here have not even been on this planet that long. Lol.. Lucky me I guess..

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hppd24years, we will find something that works, no worries. I want to devote myself to curing this ailment through attending medical school or whatever I need and helping all who have it. It's my goal. I've had it for almost 2 years now, since I was 17, and it sucks. At times it's literally crippled me in the sense that I get so depersonalized and anxious that I'd prefer not to leave my house/room and risk some intense stressor just making things wayyy worse. Have a lot of things up my sleeve, though, haha. 

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