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So amidst all of this chaos with lyme/hppd I will also be moving out of my house in the next couple weeks and rooming with an old high school friend. Gonna be rough but I figured fuck it. At least Ill get some space/freedom and time away from my family for a while. Lyme treatment isnt going so well either lately. A lot of uncertainty. Oh well. Have any of you had to deal with this?

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Dam straight, I actually had it worse to be honest.. For starters god blessed me with hppd for 25 years now praise the lord hallelujah and might have lymes disease to boot lucky me again. I feel strongly soon enough he will pull his left foot out my ass just to put his right foot back in it.

I lived with 2 friends in a complex where I gave my friend Joe the rent money as well as my other room mate Gary did too. We lived together for a couple of years had lots of memorable time that got pretty wild from time to time.

I came home from work with the police and landlord at my door with a signed document by a judge stipulating we had to vacate the premises within 24 hours. WHAT THE FUCK!!! are u kidding?? I told the cop it was a mistake we pay our rent every dam month. Cop said "24 hours we come back and the house ain't empty bye bye"

I sat in my kitchen and waited for the cameras to come in and Ashton to scream "U HAVE BEEN PUNKED" from the comedy "PUNKED" unfortunately that did not happen. I had to get a truck press the hyperspace button think fast and move into my parents place which I did not want to do. Turned out my friend Joe became a junky and didn't pay the rent for four consecutive months. Junky Joe moved to the hostel and died of an overdose 1 year later. I still visit his head stone to this very day and ask y? Hppd 25 years now and catching up to hppd since 1974..

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