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Anyone else HATE the night?

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I had to post this as my symptoms are almost completely cleared up and I'm feeling amazingly normal again except for this symptom. It's not about seeing my visuals more in the dark but its more, kinda unexplained. At night I feel like shit and scared of life and everything in general. My anxiety gets worse and I just feel like shit again. And no I'm not scared of the dark I just feel scared in general. Can anyone relate?

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Could it be visual snow? or noise i like to call it. Kind of like noise in a camera picture? or Like how a tv screen feels digital even though its displaying crisp sharp images and colors.


It might be worse at night because during the day you are being strong but when you are ready to sleep, you wind down mentally and physically and it lets your 'guard down'. Dont worry though, time heals. no pain no gain. lol


Remember that the brain counts in months and years when healing. 

Personal experience: Got vertigo one morning from drinking the most i have ever drank the prior night. It lasted 1+ year before it went away.

Thinking back on it, I find it amazing and reassuring that our brain is in fact healing and it takes 1+ years to do so. 

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