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I have a suggestion for the forum.

Would it be possible to compile YouTube videos of HPPD sufferers and have a section dedicated to these video testimonies so people may get an idea and see both the differences and commonalities between those afflicted?

I think this could be a very effective way of getting the message out and our cries for help which could lead to research and funding. There are some pretty amazing things going on in neuroscience and if we don't take ownership of our condition I feel as though we will be left behind.

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We do need to step up as a whole internationally there is h.p.p.d. Suffers in every State, Country and Province. This is a sickness that truly affects the quality of life and should not be ignored. The exposure will definitely be a surplus for the disorder. It needs and deserves the attention of solution like schizophrenia it is torching to say the least. Some cases to the point of people taking their own lives so that is severe and should be honored in the most deepest respect..

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