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How to tell if your visuals will go away

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I've heard multiple times that when an hppder takes a large dose of a benzos their visuals dissapear entirely. Now I may be wrong but doesn't that mean that the only thing keeping your visuals there is an ever present anxiety, and that if you remove this anxiety completely without meds that you would see a very large drop in visuals and they would slowly dissapear till thepoint of no longer having hppd?

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Unfortunately that's not how hppd works. While there are some users that have some decrease of visuals that coincide with the decrease of anxiety, its not always the case.


HPPD as we know it is that our brain is too-excited.


Benzos basically works by improving a chemical called GABA which is used by our brain to decrease the excitability of neurons. This would result in the calming effect of many functions in the brain, one of which is anxiety and visuals. 

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