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Alcohol and HPPD

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TL;DR: more starbursting, more noticeable snow, things start to ghost image easier, 15hour since last drink.


Drank a bit yesterday, not to point of drunkness but about 400ml of 20% alcohol, maybe more.

Also had to stayed up late even though i was extremely tired from going past my bedtime and alcohol.


Normally, staying up late hasnt really affected my hppd as experienced during the final exams time but it mightve had a negative effect when combined with alcohol. 


I noticed that starbursting got a bit worse, noticeable snow(before it was a bit hard to notice), and maybe easier ghosting (meaning it takes less contrast required for me to see it as ghosting vision). Also noticed heavier eyeball presence, if that makes any sense. 


Its only been about 15 hours since i finished the drinking session so ill have to see if these worsenings are temporary. 


Reading some other user's stories, their symptoms are worsened accompanied by worse hangovers for a couple days but return to baseline.


I dont really get hangovers and didnt get one today although i got a bit of headpressure while drinking.

Dont know if this is a good or bad thing because it makes sense that worsened symptoms will come with hangovers and then reside when hangover is gone but I didnt get a hangover but got worsened symptoms. 


But the symptoms dont really phase me anymore and thats kind of amazing.... lol 


Oh and one notable thing was when i was driving(buzzed), its like my brain was unable to compute what i was seeing and depth perception was kind of off like when i drove on LSD. Had to pull over and take a quick nap but that didnt help because waking up extremely tired and driving again is even worse. 


I wouldnt really care for the worsened star bursting but its kind of intrusive when the rays of light from the opposite lane cars intrude in my vision and i cant see ahead of me. 


Next up: Weed. (half jking, half serious)

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Alcohol is my drug of choice now, I would love weed and used to smoke 3 times a day but shit changes. I seriously don't recommend you smoking weed, It isn't always that bad on your symptoms but it seriously sets you back in terms of mental progress, seriously.

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You won't notice any increased symptoms if you drink and get drunk.  If you only have a couple then yes you will notice some adverse affects. I drank for the whole 6 years i had HPPD, and drank lots.  I can safely say it never had a real terrible impact on my condition at all.  Everyone is different though.

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My visual symptoms get worse for a couple of days after then reverts back to baseline. I also get head pressure when drinking but not to an intolerable level. I'll also get a head ache the next days, even if I only have a couple of shandy's. A few hours after drinking (and a bloody good dance) my vision is much better, headlights are how I used to remember them! Starburst free and not 'burn your retina' bright. One can dream! Then I sleep and it's back again in the morning!


I'm with you on the ghosting/after images though! Two pints + club with a good light show and it's like I've entered a psychedelic world! I see double of everyone and 10 x as much multicoloured light as everyone else! I don't need any more drink for the rest of the night! (Cheap-entertaining-non liver killing night out anyone!?)


I also find that when clubbing I'm more active and have more energy than even my mates who are on MD/speed! Maybe my body associates the music with some kind of unprompted dopamine release!


I'm also with you on driving + headlights. Damn pain. I also look down at my speedo and I'll see it on the road when I look back up again!


You ever get any weird heart palpitations? Feels like it's a bit harder to breath for about 30 seconds? I've only had this twice but it's quite scary and not sure if it's HPPD related.


I'm interested on hearing back how the weed goes. People say about hindering progress etc... I do wonder if we will ever progress pass baseline? Or do people that "got better" just unconsciously accept their new reality? I wonder if anyone that 'had' HPPD can honestly say that they no longer get static in the dark any more. Hmmm


Dylan, are you suggesting that if you're going to drink alcohol, do it properly...!!?!

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hmm i dont know if that get drunk theory is a good idea. It kind of makes sense when i think about how (even before hppd) drinking a little gave me a headache early while drinking a lot didnt really give me any. I always thought of it as experiencing the hangover early while awake rather then when i am sleeping. 


When you experienced the adverse effects of only a couple, did they return to baseline?


This is my first time drinking in about 6 month and i am not really phased by the worsened symptoms. The only reason im not drinking again right now is because the longer lines from starbursting is going to effect my driving. 


As for the energy thing, I was a fucking beast on molly, i literally danced straight hours and kilograms off lol. I can still dance the night away hardcore on sober and people think I'm on drugs but i think its more of a mental thing. I dance harder to get into the music without drugs etc. 


I think the 'headpressure' is from the eyemuscle. One weird thing is i notice that my right eye feels a bit heavier as if the muscles were a bit stiff. Its feels more natural to have the right eye partially closed.. dont know what to do about this :(


Heart palpitations i had quite a bit in the beginning, and nowadays i get them when i wake up from naps(specifically naps) and it feels like my whole body is shaking. WIth hppd, my whole blood circulation probably went to shit. These days i get frequent muscle fluttering(benign fasciculation) but all these random symptoms, i cant do anything about it and neither the doctors so i dont try to think too much of it. I also developed extremely dry skin and some body acne which sucks and is probably a symptom of whatever caused hppd. My guess is fucked up hormones+neurotransmitters. 


I've always asked that question to others myself, are you 100% cured? they never say its 100%. I want to try weed because for me, my symptoms came after i took a break of drugs. My hppd wasnt a trip that never ended. I had signs of hppd (text movement) after my lsd but i continued daily weed smoking without any problems. Its only when i took some meds after a month of being fatigued/energyless, that my visuals developed. I have a theory that maybe daily weed smoking was protecting my brain from the inevitable hppd. 

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I regularly smoke with HPPD. Its hard to say whether or not this hinders my recovery. As I have seemingly slowly recovered over a year or so. Smoking and drinking on and off the whole time. I was DP free completely until I got extremely drunk two nights ago. I spent the next day experiencing DP. It is now gone. Visually I seem more or less the same. .  . Ironically one thing I find that helps with my DP is getting baked. For some reason I am able to tolerate marijuana again. I have no idea why. 

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