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Natural Calm Magnesium Log


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Sorry I posted something like this not to long ago but wanted to start a little log. I am not good at writing or following up with logs but I will try my best.


I wanted to write this because it is something anyone can get, it is cheap and to me most importantly....it is relatively safe. I am using "Natural Calm" which seems to be the one everyone uses and recommends. It cost me like $25 and received it fairly fast.


Here is a website that gives you a ton of information....http://www.mgwater.com/benes.shtml




Day 1:

I poured a teaspoon of this in a glass of water, stirred it, watched it fizzle and downed it down. I knew this was going to cause a lot of gas and I would be running to the bathroom a lot.....I was right. So basically I have been running to the bathroom...you don't even want to know...and farting all day. I can't say I feel any benefits yet besides my migraines, they are gone! This could just be one of those days where I don't feel them or it could be the magnesium.....can't say yet. I did have a migraine when I woke up but it only lasted about 2 hours. This is the first day of it so I don't expect much hopefully in a week or 2 some magic happens!


Ok, I have a question about Gabapentin if anyone knows. I know you can't antacid with Gabapentin, magnesium antacid and I can't remember the other one but that isn't important. What is important is will the "Natural Calm" magnesium cause any problems with my Gabapentin. I take my Gabapentin about 30 minutes before the magnesium and I open my Gabapentin capsules and just pour them in a drink to take them for faster intake. Will this be alright? Does the magnesium affect the Gabapentin or is it alright how I am doing it?


Well hopefully I follow up with this little log. I'm not expecting much but I figured I would try something simple and it is something anyone can get and feel comfortable taking it. Feel free to post any comments.


Thank you




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Figure I would add a little something to this, was hesitant at first because you know when you say something got better the next day it comes back with a vengeance. But here goes nothing


Day 4:

Well all in all not much has changed, I really think it is because of my sleep and that is because of cigarettes. I have only been sleeping 4 or 5 hours a day for the past 5 or so days and usually that isn't bad but I haven't been getting any quality sleep and it is really ripping me a new one. My anxiety has gotten pretty bad because of this, my DP/DR seems to fluxuate from bad to worse, been getting headaches(not migraines) and have just been all around tired physically and mentally. I really blame this on the no sleep which I blame quitting smoking on lol.


Ok but there is some good news. On day 3 of taking magnesium, weather this is a coincident or not idk, sure the hell can't be a placebo, but my eye floaters have been reduced 90% minimum and my migraines would be the same amount too I guess, hard to say with these headaches I have been getting which I think is from the lack of sleep. Now saying this I will probably wake up tomorrow and have 100 eye floaters floating around for bringing it up lol. I mean I have only been on this product for 4 days so far so it does need a lot more time. I take a teaspoon in the morning and a little more then half a teaspoon at night and this stuff will have you running to the toilet lol.


I want to get my sleep right and my anxiety and DP/DR will get a lot better, hell it is even hard for me to make a sentence right now my anxiety is so bad, and when my sleep gets better see how that works. I have some Phenibut f.a.a. coming in. Damn holidays slowing down my delivery so hopefully it will be in Thursday and then I will be using a fairly large dose of that 2 to 3 times a week or 2 times one week 3 times the next, will tinker around and see what works best and hopefully that will help me get the quality rest I need. I will dose half a gram sublingually to try it out first at night and if it works out I will work up to 1 gram a night, sleep on it and let it work its magic throughout the day. I won't be taking this during the day though I want to try to make this as least habit forming as I can. If anyone has any information on Phenibut for sleep they would like to share that would be cool, would like to hear your thoughts on this if it worked good or not for you.


Thank you


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