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On the gut

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Does anyone else notice a chance in their symptoms depending on when or what they eat? I notice, generally, around 30-40 mins after I consume something, I have a period of feeling quite spaced out.

The role of the gut (home of the ENS, the 'second brain') in mental/neurological illness keeps coming up in my reading. It is not new, but it seems to be taking more emphasis.



Food for thought.

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Do you smoke? When I smoked you know you usually smoke after you eat. I noticed this caused some problems for me.


Other than that now that I don't smoke when I eat I feel fine. But eating junk food does cause problems and sadly that's all I eat. I wish I had a damn garden and some cows and shit out there! lol


If you are having problems with your stomach I high recommend this stuff called Natural Calm. It will have you going and your stomach and bowls will be talking to you all day lol. A good way to get your stuff up and running!

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Start reading about the Autonomic Nervous System and its two halves, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic.


Its been known for almost a century that it influences both physical health and mental health.  Yet is has not really been pursued (still you can find tons of NIH, etc articles)


Symptoms of some HPPDers show alterations in the ANS, such as pupil sizes or digestion issues.  Note: the SNS uses dopamine and norepinephrine.


You CAN manipulate the CNS with the ANS - it's a two way street even if the 'calculations' are being done at the 'top' level.


The simplest is with minerals: Ca, Mg, and K.  There are plenty of posts about Magnesium's affect and people focus on what it does with cellular ions.  But it alters the balance of the ANS, affecting neurotrasmittion throughout.


If you start researching, you'll be rewarded ... happy digging!

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