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Homemade "benzo"


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I've created my own "benzo" sorta speak. I've found it very useful if I can't get my hands on any actual benzos. First off I drink a big glass of grapefruit juice. 15 minutes later I take 2 450 mg valerian root pills. The grapefruit juice slows down how fast your body removes the benzos contained in the valerian root. Sounds weird but you should give it a shot, it seriously helps.

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You need to drink the grapefruit juice a hour before hand, inhibits the enzyme a lot more then, clomid is another good one. http://www.athleticx.net/products/trisorbagen, This is what I want to try and will be one of my next orders, works good with benzos, opioids and everything the cyp-450 enzyme or w.e. plays a role in. Check it out, cheaper then buying grapefruit juice all the time and should work better, but I could be wrong IDK how much DHB is in it. Also you should try Kava. If you want to stick to more natural remedies PM me and I will tell you some herbs that are interesting that you can look up and decide if you want to try them if you want.

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