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Lyme disease correlation with hppd


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So, as of late, my antibiotics have stopped working correctly to keep my lyme disease at bay and Ive noticed a rise in hppd symptomology. My tracers have gotten worse, wobbling edges are much more pronounced, starbursting slightly increased, and Ive noticed a slight bit of morphing coming back. Im fucking depressed to say the least. Im supposed to get a script for a new antibiotic today and Im nervous as all hell. I really hope it works and my symptoms clear up, because I dont know if I can cope with this stress any longer. Wanting to kill yourself everyday is certainly no way to live and ive been taking a bit of klonopin for the past few days to get me through this rough patch. Well, that brings me to my next point. I am certain that lyme disease made me extremely prone to this condition as it causes inflammation in the occipital lobe which is the area that is hypothesized to be incorrectly functioning thus causing hppd. I think that is also why my symptoms seem to improve with zero drug use. This is because I probably was never genetically predisposed to hppd. The inflammation to the occipital lobe caused by lyme is also why I think my hppd is presently worsened. Any thoughts? Comments?

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The Lyme's bacteria hides in neurological tissues, which makes it harder than usual for the immune system to resolve.  Being in neurological places causes neurological injury and thus any sort of neurological problems.  Lyme's disease can "imitate" nearly any neurological disease - MS, PD, ... 


So your HPPD may be from Lymes ... but, did your HPPD start after recreational drug use?


What antibiotic(s) have you been using?  Doxycycline is commonly used.  It also affects dopamine systems - something implicated in HPPD.  There are some antibiotics that tend to cause excitotoxity - which can cause problems.  Note: you will notice there are some of these forums who got HPPD solely from antibiotics.


While this sort of problem from antibiotics is rare, the fact that antibiotics can alter brain function can help you understand why you notice changes with and without taking them.  Given that you have Lymes, it is imperative that you get ride of it - which requires antibiotics.  What you will want to do is find stuff the calms the brain to compensate for things that both Lymes and antibiotics may be doing.



Your observation about inflammation is insightful.  Technically, inflammation involves increase metabolic activity at its location.  Excitotoxicty IS increase metabolic activity.  And HPPD brains are already overactive ("cerebral disinhibition").


Hope this helps...

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