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New Lysergic Rc's??


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Ok, About a week ago a friend bought "acid" that was manufactured in the south east part of the United States. It was called "cdhc" and when I talked to the "cook" about it he explained that he didn't know exactly what it was because he was trying to stay a step ahead of the law by ordering un-watched/un-banned chemicals and that it was a lysergic acid with a cyclohexanol instead of a diethylamine. I was lead to believe that this person also did work with synthetic cannabinoids and was attempting to do "research" by using reagents from JWH synths in lysergic and indole molecules. I ate 2 hits on a perforated blotter with art on one side, the taste was similar to the metallic non-taste of real good acid, but there was a bitter chlorine like aftertaste, this alarmed me a bit and then after onset I was told that there could be mescaloids on the paper instead/or mixed with the LS-cyclohexanol. 


The onset was quick, felt it in 15 mins, Lots of Intense colors and black and white patterns tessellating.

Similar to 25-I, But a lot less dirty. The Comeup and the first 3 hours were the most intense visually, similar to shrooms or 25-i, but totally lacking in the "Mental Breakthrough" aspect that normally comes with a good trip, although there was a lot of very interesting things happening  around me(social chaos lol).


After about 3 hours the trip just kinda totally stopped visually but I still felt different. for the next ~7 hours I felt a sort of "afterglow" but it was more like being spun and tired than the usual afterglow. Drinking and smoking pot during this period did make the trip come back but finally there was some psychological insight and introspective thought.. I wrote some poems and thought about where I am going with my life(still no clue). 


I love LSD-25, ALD-52, and PRO-LAD respectively, but This RC, which could very well have been lysergic. I have no love for. It was more of a mental hinderance than an unlocking, and not in the way that mescaline can be so. more like a deliquent than a teacher.


25-I Is horrible too. yea sure it makes you trip real hard, but was that ever the point? and a girl I know used to eat 25-I regularly and now she has parkinsons from it, she has more than once described hppd like symptoms from using 25-I aswell, noting she did not have any such visual disturbances before those years. 


The L tastes Chlorinated,   //<WTF???

The Molly tastes Fluoridated,   //the mellowest molly i've ever had!



Is the govt doing another Czech-25 bullshit?  or are the cooks in this area just stupid... I mean these are the same guys that cook a lot of america's synthetic cannabinoids. What is going on in the legislature changing the quality and availability?



Please voice your opinion on any or all of this rant. has anyone else heard of any of this nonsense?

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I think you want to find a drugs forum to discuss this sort of thing... this is a recovery forum.


I can't speak for everyone, but hearing about people tripping and trying out chemicals on a forum for people who's lives have been ruined by tripping and taking chemicals is a bit thoughtless.


Would you go onto a lung cancer forum and ask about people's thoughts on a new cigarette brand?

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Yeah, not really the right place for this at all dude. I don't really know what you expected from posting this here?  I think 99% of people on here wince at the thought of touching anything psychoactive ever again; I know I get a nasty pang of anxiety any time I see or hear people talking about this shit in a positive light. And incidentally, I know it's obvious, but if you have HPPD it's really, really not wise to go fucking around with psychedelics, let alone new untested RC's. A case that might not be so bad or that you've adjusted to could easily be made immensely, immensely worse by one trip. The whole "HPPD's just a new perspective on life duuuuude" attitude some people have is toxic bullshit.


Head over to shroomery or bluelight or something man.

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Eh. Well first off that was kind of a dumb question. Secondly like everyone else said, this isn't really the place for that type of discussion. But, to answer you. . . its hard to call psychedelics "safe" these days. The shit we get now is a far cry in quality from what most people were getting in the 60's. That isn't to say there isn't legitimate LSD or "Molly" out there its just cheaper and safer to make similar alternatives. Most people won't know the difference and they make more money. The best thing you can do is buy a drug testing kit and test the psychs before you take them. Most of my friends do this, having been had by other "friends" trying to make a quick buck on numerous occasions.


My advice to you is to make damn sure whatever your taking is the real deal. The chances of you finding legitimate LSD these days are pretty slim. 


The RC's and Cannabanoid designer drugs are fucking ruining peoples lives. Almost ruined mine. Thankfully I'm a bit more mentally resilient than most.


Still, I implore you to carefully consider ingesting anything other than the real deal. There are so many new RC's and designer drugs being made every day. And while a great many of them are more or less harmless, some of them have proven dangerous in one way or another.


Just use your common sense.


And remember


"If it grows in the ground, its probably ok"

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There are so many chemicals that can mess you up good.  It's good to know what they are and ID them so we can avoid them and be cognizant of their existence.   It's fine if these people from the druggy forums wanna test themselves and tell us about them.   Though the rest of us make a very important point that many of us are suffering a LOT.   We prefer not to glorify drugs that may cause us long lasting or permanent damage, effecting our lives fkn EXTREMELY negatively.  The info is great.  It's just we don't want any more damage; we want to get better.  So discontinuing use of hallucinogens, dissociates, deliriants, etc.  is our motto.   


I like Mike a lot but ...there are some bad things that grow from the ground:  poisonous plants mushrooms castor beans nightshade angel's trumpet etc etc etc.     {I mean willow bark is ok but some  other sht aint so good .}

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Yeah, just as many bad things come from the ground as good, so the whole "natural is better" argument falls flat really... Chemicals is chemicals, a lot of very useful, safe, and effective chemicals, many of them world-changing/life-saving have been synthesised in labs. Heck, most of the things that help with HPPD have been.

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