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Hello everyone!


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Hello Everyone,


My name is Alp and I come from Turkey. I've had a long history with psychedelics which included mescaline, MDMA, cannabis, synthetic cannabis etc.


Last friday for the first time, I took LSD. I had visuals disturbances when I was sober before, but now I am pretty sure I have HPPD and possibly PTSD.


I am usually not get good at describing stuff so I'll try to explain it shortly, "A trip that doesn't end". Although this is not in a 'good' sense. I have a constant static in my vision, just like a TV getting a poor signal. It does distract :)


Other than that, the environment around me seem 'unreal' or just if I am in a dream (Derealization?).  


Any help or advice would be appreciated, I hope works out just fine for all of us! 

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Hi there!


Yes, unfortunately what you describe does sound like HPPD. The feeling of unreality of your environment is indeed Depersonalization/Derealization, I am sorry you're experiencing this, but I and many others here are too, you are not alone! Remember that these feelings are just feelings and in no way represent what the world and environment around you really are.


Fortunately many people do recover from HPPD, and even if they don't recover from the visuals, recovery from DP/DR is more than possible. Try to read through the recovery stories forum post in the main forums, and read through the general advice that long-term sufferers have provided. The pharmacological sub-forum is great if you're looking for medications/supplements to help you out, although as you're fairly new to this then try to wait it out as best you can, as it may pass soon.


Have faith in your recovery and if ever feeling troubled by your symptoms, post here, our members are lovely and have been through it all themselves and will offer you support.


Welcome to the forum :)

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Hi floydian1974 welcome to the wonderful world of aids!! Just kidding my friend ur going to have to have a good sense of humor to roll with the punches of h.p.p.d. trust. Who really knows how long ur going to have it for? I'm 24 years long with it and still surviving like an almost endangered species my friend of a first time tripper on acid. I'm very sympathetic towards ur experience but just wait it out for awhile and see if ur body deals with it and hopefully it does. If it don't there is tons of options on here to try just browse around. Take good care of urself and others.

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