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All I can say is WOW! Smoking Kanna


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I have been using Kanna for the past few weeks but today was my first time smoking it. For the first 5 minutes it did have me feeling a little weird kind of like a weed high but then that wore off real quick and has me feeling right. I went out looked for a job and feel pretty decent. I don't own a piece so I had to use aluminum foil(dumb I know) and it was real hard since the Kanna is powder. I got only one decent hit and was about 15mg worth of a hit, yes very small. Just throwing this out there I have been using Kanna and love it. Kratom I am having a problem with but I think my opioid receptor is blown out. I have gone through almost 300 grams of Kratom in 2 weeks and am not using to get high, in fact I haven't gotten high off it once. I take a little over 10 grams now and have taken up to 30 grams, but 10-14 grams gets me a little motivated. If anyone is looking for a legal herb that might help you out(does for me) I think Kanna is a good one. Kratom is worth looking into but do your research and find a good site. I am ordering for 2 more sites, one on Wednesday and if it doesn't help me out I will probably just stick with Kanna for half a year and give Kratom another chance then. Sorry for the long post but I truly do think Kanna is worth looking into for some people as far as anxiety, depression and mental problems go. For visuals it has done nothing but over the course of 3 years my visuals have reduced 50% I would say but that is just due to time.


If you need a source for Kanna pm me. I can give you a few sources for Kratom that I believe might have some high quality stuff, at most I can tell you what sites to avoid.


Thank you

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If Aniracetam doesn't pan out I might smoke a bowl of this stuff, though I didn't proceed with buying it as I've read quite the contradictory experiences of it (mainly because some experience it as anxiogenic, which I rather not have).

Yes for the first 5 minutes I did feel like I made a mistake which went by real quick. After that it was nice, it seems it can be very easy to smoke to much by mistake I would start off with 10mg. http://therootofthematter.net/cgi-bin/itsmy/go.exe?page=17&domain=12&webdir=therootofthematter

His name is Ken and he sells top notch stuff. If you decided to get Kanna when you go to purchase in the comment box tell him you want powder instead of capsules. The capsules you get 5 grams with the powder he will give you 10 grams. Also tell him Andrew from Dallas sent ya ;)....I mean't to ask him if he could send me a sample of his Kratom since I can't find any good Kratom with my last order of Maral root. Hoping he will send me a sample for referrals(But that isn't why I recommend him, you can find on the web everyone recommends him, he is well known and a real nice guy) Kanna is no cure by any means but right now I feel decent like I said and I want to smoke it again but I am not using a foil pipe lol, need to get me a glass pipe now. But when my mom gets home I am going to ask her to play yahtzee like we use to when I was a wee lad lol just to give you a idea on how I feel.


I would just do it under your tongue like 50 mg 2 to 3 times a day for a week until you get use to it, you have to get sensitive to it, then smoke it so you don't get a big rush then be scared of Kanna forever.

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