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Generic Keppra


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Did anyone of you have tried the generic version of keppra?There are many meds that have levetiracetam and they are much cheeper than Keppra. I red that in some experiment on small group of people 41% of people on generic levetiracetam must go back to original Keppra beacuase of seizures. But this was on group of epileptics so its no doubt it is something different (maybe similar at some point but different) than HPPD. So if any of you can say something about it and have some experience it will be nice.

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I wouldn't see a problem with it as Keppra is just a racetam. It would be like the pharmaceutical companies putting a brand name on Piracetam and calling it whatever then Piracetam would be the generic. But then again I know generics have a lower standard they have to meet, I think it is like 80%, so for example some generic hydrocodones that are 10 mg could be 8 mg and binders and fillers do effect the meds IMO because I have noticed difference in meds such as Adderall and Hydrocodone from one company to the next. My generic Subutex 8 mg were super small pills but my name brand Subutex 8 mg were fucking huge as hell and were better that confused the hell out of me lol.

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