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Just wondering what people thought about Nootrpoics. If people have used them or thought that they might help symptoms. I know nothing about drugs or medications but I have heard about Alpha Brain from onnit.com and that it helps with brain function, memory, ect. I remember it being discribed as vitamins for your brain that help it to preform at its best.

On another note I just found this site a few days ago and for the first time after about 15 years I gained knowledge of whats been going on with me. Not sure knowing is a good thing but I'm gonna keep doing what I've always done. Stay strong and keep going. And I encourage everyone to do the same. Yeah, I see visual snow, I get really hopeless and depressed about what life seems to be, but the fact is were still here and were not crazy and we still have no idea what life really is about. So just because we see a little differently and get sad about it doesnt mean were not in the game anymore. Anyway, Ive got a lot of love for everyone on here, hope you all are keeping your heads up.

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Thanks for posting zx6. The racetams group of Nootropics seem to have adverse effects depending on the individual. Some report a remission of some symptoms, some report no relief for any symptoms. Piracetam, seems to be the more common of the group, and so far has had positive results in a couple of participants. Also, I'd check into some Calcium Channel blockers such as Flunarizine. A member was taking Flunzarizine and Keppra together, and noticed a 90-95 percent decrease in all symptoms. 

It is hard to stay strong sometimes, but I believe what you're saying is correct. 
See you around!

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I used Nootropics before, and all it made was me thinking a bit faster and getting stressed out. If it does have a benificial effect on HPPD I don´t know, but why not try it out? Should be safe to try out.

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