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7NEWS: Hope for Visual Snow Sufferers


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When these are things that just pop up out of nowhere in brains that were otherwise normal, it's clear that something up there has changed and we just don't have technology sensitive enough to detect what it is.The fact that some people see improvements with existing medications that were never made with these conditions in mind makes it seem like whatever causes it has to be fixable - like there are different switches, all of which trigger the same symptoms but which each require something different to turn them off. Exposure through the media means more attention - undoubtedly there are heaps people out there living with this shit who haven't looked into it and who don't participate in communities and so on. More people expressing concern means a greater awareness in the medical community, and thus more effort toward research into the cause and subsequently developing treatments. If there are drugs out there that can help some cases without being specifically designed for these conditions, then I can only have high hopes for the outcome of treatments that do target them. Optimistically speaking, it seems like it should only be a matter of when, and how great the relief provided is.

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