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Ive been looking into possibly trying kratom as an anxiolitic and antidepressant but I dont really know how it may affect my visuals and or dp/dr. Needless to say, Im conflicted. Have any of you used or currently use kratom? If so, how does it affect your visuals, if at all? Im very interested in trying it, but I have some very obvious concerns and Im trying to be as cautious as humanly possible.

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I use it along with Kanna. Taste like complete shit but I make a tea with it and getting use to the flavor. Does nothing for visuals really just has a slight pleasant feeling, some motivation and anxiety freedom. I have to take quiet a bit and it is okay to me. A ton of people swear by it and have to use like 2 grams while I use around 5-15 depending on the day and like anything it is different for everyone. I would buy from a real good vendor your first time and buy a sample pack of different strains and if you can get away with just a few grams cool if not I would find a very cheap vendor and buy a ton. Kanna on the other hand I like it and have been using for 5 days now and you are suppose to feel it real good in a few weeks. Kratom too from what I am experiencing each day I use it the more I like it so maybe it is just one of those things you have to get sensitive too just my 2 cents. I got some good vendors but idk if you can name drop on here so just pm me if you want. Gabapentin also mixes very well with Kratom, I can say I do feel better from this week compared to last week which in return I notice my visuals less but they are still there, just don't bother me.

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I've tried it a few times, never did anything good or bad for me (except the horrible taste making me sick)


I remember that Merkan had a very bad experience with it though, so be careful.

What bad effects did here have can you recall? The only thing I can think of it is slightly stimulating which seems to fade after a few uses. As far as taste I make a tea with grapefruit juice and after drinking a few times I can put it down no problem now. I still don't ever look forward to taking my next dose though, still isn't the greatest tasting stuff.

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I also took it alot of times,the dose depends on what quality you have.


With the Thai-Maeng-Da Kratom i needed to took around 6g to be on a pleasent, moodlifting high.

With 14g i had a extreme euphoric flash, have been sweating alot its really heavy, thats the max dose for me.


I had better results with a Kratom Mix:


Indo Premium

Bali Red Vein

Borneo Red Vein


All mixed 1:1:1


I only needed 2-3g to achieve the moodlifting high.

With 7-8g i reached my max dose.

But i would vomit using this everyday it tastes so bad :(

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I do not visit the board as frequent as i used to. I was doing mild opis when i had mild HPPD and wanted to try Kratom. It was the biggest mistake in my life, bigger then aquiring HPPD in the first place. It went full blown and i was put in to the Psych ward for weeks. Without my coctail of meds i would be non-existing. Its permanent and no sign. of clearing up 4years later. I actually remember more from the period of mild HPPD which was about 1 1/2 years then the last 4 years of kratom induced severe HPPD. Sometimes i get panic attacks just by looking at myself in the mirror recognizingci got old.

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