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Very mild double vision, but with one eye open?

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Same here, but not very much with the dot though. I think it's ghosting. For me it's about every high contrast object, such as lights, black on white or something on the screen.


However, I have double vision through glass and in mirrors. I see triplets of objects while looking at their reflections in glass, and in the mirror I can see slight doubles of sharp edges on stuff, if I look closely. If I look at lights at night through my windows I don't even need to see the reflections, I just see plain copies of the light but just a bit offset in either direction.

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usually only noticable on high contrast objects. 100% noticeable on LEDs, street lights, moons. With street lights, when i first had hppd, it was maybe 1-4 ghosting images on each direction. now there are so many.


The picture from the 2nd post of this thread accurately describes it. But now there is even more than that so it just looks like a halo.



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