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Looking for the ultimate stack! Nootropics and what not


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I've been using picamilon and phenlypiracetam and have just added kanna and kratom. I am basically just looking to get my motivation back and feel more human, I believe that if you can at least get to feeling good your visual distortions won't bother you or not as much. I have however have had my cevs gone for the past week or so which is nice to see black now when I close my eyes and makes it easier to sleep, I am also experiencing less migraines and eye floaters but they still come and go. Photophobia is still there no change but my dp/dr is slightly less too.


I have a ton of fines I have to pay monthly due to some past troubles and money just isn't there but should be able to get the things I need in a month or so so I would like to start planning now. I have done some research and I got a little stack of things I want to use and would like to hear input for you guys and gals of what you think, what maybe would be good to try or your personal experience. Even if you haven't tried it maybe just something you have been reading on I would like to hear.


1: Fish oil                                                 7: PRL-8-53                                    12: Kanna

2: Multivitamin                                          8: Picamilion                                   13: Kratom

3: Alpha-GPC or CDP Choline                 9: Phenlypiracetam                         

5: Lutein and Zeaxanthin                         10: Agmatine

6: B complex                                            11: Nefiracetram or Sunifiram


At first glance this is obviously a ton of stuff to be taking but I don't use large amounts I really enjoy the subtle things. I like the Kanna only though I have been using for 4 days, Kratom is alright but taste horrible and I don't know if it is something I can do everyday. This is just a list of things I am thinking of using. I am a bit confused on which would be better as far as Alpha-GPC and CPD Choline goes, I know Alpha is suppose to be better but both have different effects. Numbers 1-9 I plan on using I am real interested in trying PRL-8-53 as well as Agmatine. It is the Nefiracetram and Sunifiram I don't know what would be better to use. Keep in mind I am using this stack to elevated motivation and energy levels, I would also like to get my memory back and be able to recall what I did yesterday without having to think on it to much lol. I think I will be going with Nefiracetram but will probably order just a small amount of both that and Sunifiram.


My worries here are how will these mix, I have read Kanna acts as a SSRI which I have been on them all and it acts nothing like a SSRI to me. Agmatine is suppose to potentiate maois. Nefiracetram is suppose to act as a mao or something along that line. It just seems some of these interact with each other in ways I am unfamiliar with and most of it is beyond my knowledge. I am all for experimenting as long as it is consider fairly safe.


Any advice would be appreciated or if you have any questions you would like to ask feel free.


Thank you for reading my long ass post!

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Hey Odisa,

I was something I never got around to, I ended up just getting the PRL which was a disappointment to me which made me kind of just give up on that stuff. Between the PRL, Phenylpiracetam, Picamilon and Phenibut not doing much for me I just said eff it.


Man it has been awhile since I have been on here! To be honest with you I have been off everything, I take a small dosage of Kratom with my Gabapentin and that is it. I take Kava once in a while at high dosages but it kind of makes me feel weird and depressed for some reason lol. But forreal staying away from all that crap has helped me out more than being on it. Since I got off of all the nootropics and what not I have been doing better month by month. I still get head rushes, my vision is still weird like if I am high 24/7 and I still go through some dp/dr. But man my anxiety has gone down quite a bit my depression too. I am able to work and keep a full time job. I would say I feel 50% if not more better than I did 3 months ago. I don't think I will ever touch a nootropic or anything else again. My memory is shoot I can't even remember half of yesterday which makes it feel like a dream to me if that makes sense, also when I wake up it feels like I hit a reset button on me, I guess like my days are in loops or something. So I took some Alpha-GPC for that and boy that stuff makes me angry for some reason. I'm starting to think nootropics are like they say, meant for healthy individuals.


The Suni does seem awesome though and it is something still in the back of my mind I want to try because my memory is so jacked up and PRL didn't work and Alpha-GPC just made me angry but I am really starting to believe I am just going to have to live with poor memory and this fucked up vision lol. Are you trying to use it for your memory or what's up?


And how have you been doing?


Sorry I just slapped all this together I got a migraine right meow, still get those every other day!


Thank you,


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