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Would anyone be willing to describe their visuals? Patterns mainly?

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I see patterns in walls and textured surfaces, the only thing is they are not full blown patterns like I see when I am on psychedelics. It is more like a broken half formed visual anomaly. Does anyone experience this or are your patterns full blown? If my wording is wrong, please ask questions i'll try to explain myself but i think this makes sense

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The pattern effect for me is pretty mild and only really happens when i focus on very visually "busy" things - fields of grass, distant trees, carpet, etc. It feels kind of like my brain cant properly process the complexity of what I'm looking at so it looks more stark and repetitive, to some extent. Reminds me somewhat of an effect in older 3D video games, where the illusion of varied 3D foliage was created by repeating the same 2D texture over and over again at various depths. I don't know if this is the kind of patterning stuff that happens for you - when I look at a solid coloured wall I only really notice visual snow.

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I get some pretty complex patterns, mainly at night or when i close my eyes. Geometric patterns that constantly swirl and morph.


Staring at a white wall, it is just a mess.... green and blue streaks and lines, plus a load of visual snow and little "particles" moving very fast in my vision.


Worst of all though is the constant flashing of all of the above.... If they didn't flash about 5 times a second, i could happily ignore them.

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