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sinamit did not work

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I would say stay away from all meds aside from gabapentin or prebagalin. From my experience anything that works even slightly just makes it worse when you get off aside from gabapentin(which tbh doesn't do much but gets me through the day and hell I just went 4 days without taking it just for the heck of it) and pregabalin(or so I heard.) IMO aim for something that will help you just to get by and try not to solve the problem completely by just masking it, there is no cure just ways to ease it and imo take the route that will benefit you in the long run which I don't see that happening with benzos or nootropics. Me personally I am just looking to get my mentality back, with that I could careless about the visions. Although I just received lutein and zeaxanthin at a 25mg/5mg single pill dosage which is fairly high and see what that does for my vision, I just started kanna today at about 100-120mg 2x a day so will see how that works out in a few weeks and i got almost a pound of kratom coming in. I can say for the kanna it has helped my anxiety but I feel a bit restless but I took it late and the effects were so subtle nothing mind blowing but I do expect some good results, it is claimed to be 10x stronger then st johns worts and it is said to be a ssri but I don't really believe that. I guess to sum all this crap up imo get some gabapentin if you aren't happy go with pregabalin, reason I say gabapentin first is because it isn't as addictive and pregabalin is suppose to make you feel pretty damn good from what I read which could turn out to be bad, I guess what I am trying to say is less is more imo. I have been off 30mg valiums for almost a month, I may only sleep 5 hours a day now but I feel 2x better that is for sure and gabapentin made getting off valiums a breeze.


Well good luck

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I have been using Sinamet for the last few months.. it has not touched my visuals.. / hppd...


I will be seeing a specalist on monday... We will try something else...  What would be the best medicine to try now.. appart from keppra, Valium, Klonopin etc etc  any help recomendations appreciated.


That is too bad.  What dose were you taking?


Please let us know ANYTHING you notice now/when you stop taking it.  Thanks

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