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why the F#$% does it always go this way

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I just get a job offer. fantastic money.. finally making use of my talents.. and then this morning.. i wake up.. go get breakfast.. take a bite into my bagel.. and break one of my front fucking teeth clean in half :\ 


a year ago i probably would have given up at this point. swallowed a bottle of pills and said fuck it im done.. but today..today im just sad..sad and tired.. but somehow still willing to push one more day :\




fuck you life and your unforgiving irony

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a new grill in the mouth.. a new lease on life? it's amazing how much ... better. i feel now that it's fixed. I know i still have issues to deal with but finally dealing with one of the biggest is like dropping a 2 ton monkey from my back. Now I can at least make an effort to become more sociable more engaged... start retaking reality a little bit at a time.



so it goes... gotta take some pain to get yourself out of a mess you've made for yourself.

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Glad to hear you're feeling better. Always good for the mind to get some stress taken off you.

I was scared to go to the dentist for years. 7 years without a visit. Went a couple weeks ago expecting the worst but had no cavities. Nothing.

I broke a tooth on a dorito about 12 years ago. I know how much it sucks getting caps put in. Root canal tho. Jesus. So glad I never experienced that.

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when i was ~11 or 12 my family dentist was sadistic.. no hyperbole he was downright torturous and enjoyed it. I had gotten a random gum infection and instead of doing what 99.9999% of dentists would do and give me antibiotics, he decided to use it as an excuse to play with his new toy. A laser... 18 shots of novacaine throughout the roof of my mouth and it did not a single thing to numb the pain as he cut off the swollen parts of my gums using his new laser.. I've been unable to drag myself to a dentist without literally being on my ass from pain for the 22 years since then.



This dentist i just went to.. 2.2 shots of novacaine was it. 2 lil taps above each tooth just to get me pre-numb..and that was all i felt the entire span of the dual root canal. 2 full shots right after that i didnt feel squat on.. and then 32 minutes of him plowing through the 2 root canals and i was done. yesterday got a little more hairy because i was still sore from the root canal 2 days prior, but 2.2 shots, hour in, and i had 2 new front teeth and 2 reconstructed front teeth that you wouldnt even be able to tell had a problem before. It's amazing what you can put yourself through when you finally give up holding onto fear.

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