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Wait until Drug break for HPPD


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Yea I just wrote a whole topic but then it got deleted so I'm just gonna skip straight to the question..

I wanna get rid of my HPPD eventually. But not necessarily right now, since I wanna experience life at my young age and I wanna continue to trip with my friends until I feel like drugs are not really necessary anymore in my life. (Once I maybe start a family etc.)

So my question is, would it be okay to trip in moderation and take the complete 1-unlimited year break from drugs later when I feel it would be more appropriate? I don't really care how much HPPD I got right now, as long as it eventually and I mean eventually disappears if I don't do drugs or anything that would make the HPPD symptoms worse.

Peace and Happiness to you all!

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If you don't care what hppd you have right now, you don't have it bad.


You'll never know which trip will give you full blown hppd, so the answer is a huge fucking NO...


Your body/mind is giving you a wake up call, learn from it and learn from the long termers here who were in your situation, but didn't know any better or have people around to tell you the consequences.


Do you really want to be sat on this forum in 17 years, praying one day someone will find a cure.. Because that is how I live my life. Do you want to have to take 3mg of Klonopin just to scrape you through your wedding day without having a nervous breakdown, because that's what happened to me. Do you want to cry yourself to sleep because of the physical and mental pain that hppd brings?


Whatever you feel now, times it by 1000 and imagine feeling that for the rest of your life....

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I can't believe how arrogant this post is, it makes me annoyed that you still want to keep continuing use whereas people here have only done these drugs once and developed full blown HPPD. And yet you want to gamble the circumstances. I agree with jay, it's a definitely not. It's really not worth it. Wake up.

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Yeah, dude, you can't just postpone dealing with HPPD until it's convenient for you. It's something that can and very likely will increase in severity the more you use anything implicated in causing or exacerbating it.


August last year I had minor visual/anxiety symptoms but was generally optimistic and productive and enjoying life, a friend convinced me to trip a couple more times, and that's where it all went tremendously, horribly wrong. I've spent over a year out of action and my symptoms have barely cleared up at all, and now I've got the inherent HPPD hypochondria, fucked up friendships and family relationships, depression and anxiety, shame, an entire lost year of study/work, etc. to deal with on top of HPPD itself. A lot of people on here, and likely many who aren't, have gone through very similar things. 


It's just not worth it. Your brain's clearly not cut out for psychedelics, be grateful for the warning you've gotten and find something else to do with yourself. If your friends don't understand and don't do their best to not tempt you, cut them off. Can you drink and still feel okay? Smoke weed and still feel okay? Then stick with those (though even weed is a possible risk). No matter how much you're in the mindset that drugs are a quintessential part of enjoying your youth - and we've all been there - the fact of the matter is that they really aren't. There's so much more to do in life without taking such a destructive gamble. You know what is essential to enjoying your youth? Not developing an excruciating, potentially-permanent mental/perceptual disorder right in the middle of it. There is no trip worth the agony of HPPD. 

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I had hppd since my first lsd use, didnt know at the time. IT was very mild which is why i didnt know and didnt care, i thought it was part of the lifestyle of using drugs, an afterglow that would surely go away with time away from drugs. BIG fucking NOPE. I stopped drugs and thats when it really started to develop and worsen. Can you imagine having blurry like vision, starburst on every light, and that alone are mild. The worse ones are random colors flashing, morphing vision, etc. I dont have the worse ones but my hppd isnt getting any better even though ive been off drugs, alcohol, and even caffeine for about 6 month now. 


I think its safe to say most of the hppders experienced a WORSENING of symptoms in the beginning let alone a complete 'curing' of all symptoms which i honestly think is very rare if any. A lot of the 'success' stories are either about being able to accept them to the point that its not a disorder or symptoms going away ~90%. 

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