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Medication for visuals

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I haven't found a similar topic here on the forum, since most people discuss medication for cognitive and psychological problems, so I thought that I'd start one myself.


Like the topic says: Is there any medication that have worked for YOU and relieved your visual symptoms?


If so, post your story here. Also, if it has worsened DP/DR or made you develop it, mention that as well. Thanks!

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Klonopin, I get about 40% reduction from 1mg and about 70% from 1.5mg+ .... My symptoms are pretty bad, can't image it gets much worse, like maybe 1/2 a strong acid, visually.


I generally take klonopin 3 times a week:

Friday - 1mg

Saturday - 1.5mg

Sunday - 1.5mg


This stops the side effects/tolerance.... But I do get insomnia in the week.

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That's a good start! What kind of symptoms were you experiencing? Dosage? For how long did you take it? Any other success regarding your visuals?

I have visual static, auras, halos, closed eye visuals, tracers, star bursts. I got the whole set!

I was on keppra 250 mgs. I suggest giving it a shot before you try benzos. If you do try benzos do as Jay does. 3 days on 4 days off

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