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random: A 'picture' that makes my floating text noticeable


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A picture from my psychology textbook,


"In this computer-generated copy of the Twenty-third Psalm, each line of the typeface changes imperceptibly. How many lines are required for you to experience a just noticeable difference?"


The difference threshold (or the just noticeable difference [jnd]) is the minimum difference a person can detect between any two stimuli half the time. That difference threshold increases with the size of the stimulus. Thus, if you add 1 ounce to a 10-ounce weight, you will detect the difference; add 1 ounce to a 100-ounce weight and you probably will not.


I dont know why im uploading it lol.

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Another interesting theory i have while reading. 


The wavelength of light is artificially altered by our brain due to its slow reaction in perceiving its stimulus. 

i dont know how this works but i dont think its a coincidence that purple(cosmic purple), the color of hppd, is at the one end of our visible spectrum. 


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