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"poem" I wrote about hppd


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Trudging through the mental anguish I'm unwillingly forced to endure. Slumber transforms into my subconcious sanctuary. An escape from the disturbing reality that plagues my waking existence. I arise from a deep slumber. My visual cortex is immediately bombarded with external stimuli of insignificant nature. Dissociation disrupts my fragile sense of self, and the weight of the world rests heavy on my weakened shoulders. This is my reality.

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lost in forever

can I find a way to keep it togather

Am I strong enough to last through the weather

In the hurricane of my life

Can it be a concious decision as I look for ways to alter my vision

Am I speeding towards another collision

In the alleyways of my life?


Memories don't lie
You know better than
Memories don't lie
You know better than
Those who have fallen


Shaking, burning up with the fever
In the realm of pain, I am the deceiver
Now I lie to myself, so I can believe her
As she disassembles my life
I cannot dispel the illusion
All my hopes and dreams are drowned by confusion
Can I find a way to make a solution that will reconfigure my life?




Please believe me
That my ears deceive me
Don't stand me up
Just leave me

And I know that stillness shatters
We have all been frightened by the
 sound of footsteps on the pavement of our lives
I stand and fight
I'm not afraid to die
Elochai, bury me tonight

Please believe me
That the world deceives me
Don't stand me up
Just leave me
I have fallen again
This is the end
Pain redefined

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I've been to hell try to believe me

The world behind the curtain

Shows you how this worlds deceives thee

Once its over feelings are faint

A distance between you and reality

Can you ever hope to recover

From such a montrosity


It sneaks up to your mind

As if though from your spine

Suddenly you start to contemplate

Eternity and divinity

and feel your fragile mind breaking

seeing things never meant for you to see

experiencing it all forever

in the sadest moments of your history

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