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Varapamil and Piracetam

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i am taking verapamil and piracetam now, i dont know which one but it reduced some symptoms, good news - decreased photophobia, ghosting, BFEP, floaters, flashes, my vision is clearer now, thats really great, thanks for this group, i found these medicaments here, bad news - visual snow is still here. next week i will get my GABA amino acid and i will try it


Some comments from the VS Facebook group.

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Could you elaborate on this more? Did you try low doses? And can you compare to benzos?

I have tried at lower dosage around 50-100 mg but nothing, I have just been taking around 400-500 mg once a day(this stuff taste like ass too) and it is more of a stimulant to me then anything, suppose to be more relaxing at lower dosages but not for me, but I also take phenlypracetam or w.e. the hell it is called so I couldn't really tell you which is doing which, I will try the picamilion right now by itself to lyk how it goes. I got some sulbutiamine too they are 200 mg pills and them little sobs right there, I speak for myself here, are some crazy ass pills I had to quit taking them.


p.s. I can't compared this to a benzo, in fact I hate benzos for the most part. As far as anxiety issues go I have just started this stuff called kanna and today is my second day and you are suppose to give it a week at least to feel its full effects and as of now I can say I like it only being day 2, the package it came in says it is 10x stronger then st johns wort. So hell that might be something to look into also

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