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Klonopin advice


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Ok so very brief run threw since I've already said it many times. Have been on klonopin for 4 years and was at 3 or 4 mg a day(cant remember). Got down to .25 a day and have been there for a few months to a year.i was hoping for better memory etc. never happened memory was still shit and cloudy so a couple days ago I added a quarter of a .25 pill at night. So not much total for a day but upped to like .28 or something

Absolutely fuckin hate my brain being fogged up and memory is awful. I'd love to be able to not have to read or listen to things like 5 times to remember. Can't see a psychiatrist until December and thinking maybe continue at this dose and wait for the side effects of upping the dosage to go away and see where I'm at.

I was doing fine with my taper until I had basically a spinal tap and got a spinal headache where my spinal fluid was leaking. They did 3 blood patches so I'm thinking I'm sealed up cause no major headaches but ever since then I've been feeling more detached and visuals were a little worse so going with the idea coincidence or me leaking fluid effected HPPD somehow a little

So much for brief, fuck. My bad. Wondering what your guys' thoughts were on continuing at the dosage or have any other ideas. Thanks

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