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Naturopathic clinics?


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Anyone try them?


I dont think its far fetched to try it as a solution since they are about trying to get the body stronger so it can heal itself vs taking meds.(though supplements will be used at naturo)


I have an appointment and its going to be costly around 300 and 50+ for trip.


Aside from visual hppd, I definitely have physical symptoms that need some attention.

Anemia, new moles, cherry angiomas, balding, occasional prickling, dry skin. It could be just from stress on the adrenal gland and stuff but it could be much more. 


Either HPPD has much more effect on the body then ive been reading about or i have something else/co-morbid.  


Anyways, question is, should i tell him about my hppd and drug use? should i try to inform him about hppd (if so what should i 'teach' him? its not like i did an eeg so i can tell him i have cerebral disinhibtion and such.


Ill also be meeting a regular family doctor on monday, should i teach him about it as well? 

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