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What are the positive aspects of your life?


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We all suffer from hppd. It can be hell. But post some of the things that are positive or unique to you.

Any accomplishment, hobby or activity that may bring some kind of purpose or pleasure to your life. Really interested in seeing what other people do who have hppd.

I'll start

I host a radio show twice a month. I force myself to do it and people actually seem to enjoy it. I used to have another show that was much better and more organized than this one. But I still make sure I go no matter how out of it I feel.

I collect records obsessively which brings me some joy cause I love music.

I collect VHS movies too, mostly cheesy/ horror movies

I go to the gym once in a while and I ALWAYS feel better after

I've started cooking more and I make food for my friends

I occasional make "music" with my friends. But only when I'm able to do it

I go to shows once In awhile

I bought turntables and djayed my friends party recently

I like to go to thrift stores, gives me something to do. Gives me a destination to reach.

Aside from all this I'm drinking tea, on my ipad, or laying in bed.

Please share anything positive you may have going on in your life.

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Music is definitely one of my outlets. I DJ at home just fucking around but not really 'djing' lol.

I enjoy EDM, even without the drugs so i go to shows but i think im gonna cut back because i think the loud noise and stimulation is probably not too good for the brain. 

Im a pc gamer, heavily into Counter strike:GO right now.

I also watch a lot of netflix and shows.

Also going to college for business/accounting. 

I also have a great bunch of friends that i hangout with sometimes. 

I like to hunt for deals, mainly electronics and necessities.

I enjoy food. 

I enjoy breathing. 

I go on reddit a lot. 

I like to think about life a lot. 

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