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Sarcosine, Glycine, Pregnenolone, Mucuna

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I've ordered all of these and intend to try them. Sarcosine is still on its way, but I've received the others already.
Started today with Glycine at 800mg/kg. I have enough for 7 days, and will keep to solely Glycine for the time it lasts.
So far all I can say is that I just had an amazing siesta after taking it. It is known by its sleep-enhancing qualities, so this should come as no surprise. I think I will take this OD at night.

Any comments are welcome.

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Mucuna, kratom and green tea is a fairly common concoction. I guess they interact with each other? Haven't tried my sinemet with kratom but the kratom I got atm is crap. I got like 10 grams of kratom left which wont do anything, might if I get up and get some white gfj, some 100-25 sinemets and green tea, guess I can combine it all tomorrow? Wish I had decaffeinated green tea and it was a extract, the thought of having to put more green powder in my mouth grosses me out and I ran out of caps for my press :(

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Thanks must-be.
Andrewcb: I'd suggest Mucuna + EGCG + Quercetin instead.

Day 2: Took 60g at night with 200ml coconut milk. Nausea is much worse. Possibly the coconut milk, but I doubt it. Wow deja-vu.
Anyway, it dissolves much better in lipids it would seem. This nausea is not worth it (have a bucket next to me now), so I'm gonna cut down the dose to 30g, possibly just quit all together, or maybe just use 5g for sleep support. Feeling more spaced out; but I was feeling exceptionally out of it today anyway. I'm thinking this is overkill.

Sarcosine still isn't here, which I'd like to try the most. So I'm thinking Pregnenolone will be up next. Off to bed now; hoping it'll at least improve that like it did yesterday.

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i didnt notice anything with glycine.  I tried a superdose (cant remember what i defined as such, maybe a tablespoon or two), and it made my vision go weird - not hppd weird, but more like the blotch effect when you press your finger into the side of your eye.  It went after a while, and may have been a consequence of excess ammonia.

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I did 800mg/kg the other night, so just over 45g for me. Didn't experience any nausea. Dissolved and ingested it in two half mugs of warm milk. I had some faint lines across my vision for a bit. I can't say I noticed much.. I felt 'fine'. No super breakthrough. I really can't be bothered to keep dosing that to see if the effects are cumulative currently so going to try Sarcosine / Pregnenolone instead.. will save Glycine if I run out of things to try.

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