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Question about Phenylpiracetam

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I am currently taking at a small dose, I have 5 grams which will last me 2 months, I am taking everyday.

I am taking it mainly to dense up my dopamine receptors as I have blasted them with years of abuse.


My question is what are there, if any, the consequences of decreasing the density of the NMDA receptor and nACh receptors?

It says it is a nACh agonist, can this possibly after long term use decrease the urge to smoke?

What, if anything, comes at the cost of decreasing the density of the NMDA receptor?


I have a 2 month plan, it consist of this, Picamilon and various vitamins and supplements as well as Gabapentin. Beginning of next year I will do a 10 day fastening which I hope won't agitate any of my symptoms. I am basically going to be doing a modified version of the master cleanse which will be the generic master cleanse but days 1-3 I will use neem and food grade DE, days 4-7 just the master cleanse, then days 8-10 will be neem, food grade DE and moringa, sea salt will be taken once daily everyday to use the restroom, day 11 I will wake up to a steak and eggs breakfast lol get a rush of dopamine and possibly a boner.



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