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Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks


This is not just some shitty book. Oliver Sacks is an extremely highly respected Neurologist and Psychologist who used to take many hallucinatory drugs in his younger days.


The Guardian news paper on reviewing the book said it could have easily been renamed "100 Varieties of Hallucinatory Experience."


Its incredible for anyone suffering from hallucinatory disorders and extremely interesting for any one that does not.


Don't ignore this. Read it.


Much Love





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Hahahaha I think you trump me then mate as you are clearly the late Christopher Hitchens resurrected in digital format!
I love Hitchens, one of my heros.

And yes having looked back at my posts they do seem like a bit of a sails pitch. But to be honest the main reason I encourage people to read this is that so many people on the site are not neurologically literate and let their symptoms make them feel as if they are going insane or even schizophrenic and this unnecessarily adds to the anxiety that our infamous disorder carries.

I even read of people on this site saying they fear that they are going mad after experiencing hallucinations that occur with or without HPPD such as hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations and that are really nothing to worry about.

I believe it can help people become more comfortable with their symptoms and quieten the anxiety.

Also the book is very informative and interesting, as is all of Dr Sacks' work... Available at fine book shops everywhere :)

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