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psychiatrist subscribed me Clonidine


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Hi there,


Today I have been to a hospital to talk with a psychiatrist about my hppd. He did know a lot about HPPD.


I've talked with him about my HPPD symptons:


- sensitivity for light

- tracers

- double vision 

- visual snow


He succesfully treated one person with anti depressants, this guy had a lot of anxiety with his HPPD though.


Since I don't have anxiety with my HPPD he wants to subscribe me clonidine.

Has any of you guys tried this? If yes, can you tell me something about this, does it work and is there any chance it will increase my HPPD?


Thanks for reading,


- Luuk


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It's really a guessing game, some sufferers experience an increase when taking clonidine, and some don't.

Some users have reported a decrease in their visuals, some no decrease, and some increase. 

I have hope that this will assist you in recovery. It's worth a try, because if you don't try, you never know if it did or didn't help. 

Let us know how it goes!

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