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an interesting thing happened on my way from the optometrist..

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I'm a bit exhausted so i'm making this post brief but i wanted to share something that now after a week in i'm positive has helped erase a large portion of my lingering visual degradation/distortions and it's something pretty damn simple that doesn't require a drop of medication.. 


2 weeks ago i had an optometrist appt to get myself a new prescription as my vision has been degrading quicker than i care to think about, from both the hppd and normal aging... but my primary issue has been my lack of ability to focus both of my eyes on the same thing at once, leading to serious case of double vision and that would daisy chain itself into increased visual distortions. the less focussed my vision got the easier it was for my brain to fill in the blanks with hallucinations. but i've also had an issue with my eyes tracking independently since i was like fifteen. it's always caused me depth perception issues which the hppd has just made worse over time...


well long story short, this doctor through the use of the newer automated measuring and eye scanning machines that are getting more widely used identified my double vision issue in seconds. for the first time in 18 years an eye doctor actually saw a problem beyond the normal far/near sided mess... he suggested to me that i get prisms added to my new lenses to help my eyes more easily focus on the same thing no matter how close or far i needed to focus on.. the next week (aka last monday) my lenses come in and immediately there was a major difference for me.. the prisms completely screwed my peripheral vision but at the same time for the first time in years i had 0 double vision.. it took a few hours for my eyes to finally start adjusting to the prisms but later on that night it just clicked in my head and my depth perception actually came back.. walking my dog that night im looking up at the sky and actually able to make out individual stars.. and can make out the individual lights on planes flying overhead.. I cant actually recall having been able to do this since i was 18-19 before the night that would lead to my hppd.


i'm not saying these new glasses "fixed" my hppd completely. there are far too many lingering issues for them to be that effective. but in the week since ive gotten them i've slept better, had less headaches, less eye strain.. more actual black in my vision then i've experienced in a long ass time. I know i've read in a lot of peoples intro stories comments about double vision and ghosting and general depth perception issues. it's clear that of the many physical issues hppd causes us, there is a misalignment of of visual processing that furthers the lingering hallucinogenic effects if something as simple as an additional prism added to prescription lenses can help mitigate this then it's worth sharing/looking into.



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oh I know I did.. not directly double vision but moreso I've always had independent control of both eyes. But it would always cause latency when I would focus on something, one eye would always lag behind and fail to align. However the hppd did make this worse, among the other distortions I experienced (halos / texture crawl / afterburn / ceaseless trails / etc etc etc..) The new glasses didnt stop all of these things or anything like that.. but they soften the blow I guess you can say. Removing the impact of the misaligned eyes is like removing fuel from the fire. Even when the hppd rears its head and my eyes try to drift out of focus on their own, the prisms force me to focus back to a centralized point. So far its been very helpful reducing the frequency and duration of my normal visual distortions.. which does help my mental outlook at least but doesnt stop all the other emotional and mental effects of the hppd.

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So this is for glasses only? I get double vision pretty bad too also I get really bad blurry vision on top of that my depth perception is just off so bad and I believe it is my eyes that are giving me these migraines. I am currently wearing 1 right contact lol and it is time to go see my eye doc. How should I go about this, I dropped my old eye doc because I kept telling her my vision is blurry and my depth perception is off and she basically just kept blowing me off. I know anxiety and stuff can do this to you but I am confident it is my eyes, the fact that my pupils were full blown dilated and I was constantly looking at bright lights and strobes for a year straight had to do some kind of damage. I also have astigmatism in both eyes or that is what the doctor said. Truth be told I can't read crap with my right eye up close(which has the contact) but my left eye I can see up close which doesn't have a contact. Another thing I get cev every time I close my eyes which is just like either a yellowish or white light and just does random things but it is like both my eyes are doing it hard to explain, it feels like there is a boarder between my eyes when I close them? blah and tons of eye floaters 24/7 them suckers just don't go away. Sorry for babbling took some tramadol and 40mg hydrocodones and feeling djsigahjofughfaoiga geeeeeeeerrrrrraaaate

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The double vision (or more) for those with HPPD is generally distinct from other forms of double vision. As such, prisms will not work for most. Indeed I tried them myself when at an eye hospital and they did nothing. 


Under certain situations I can see the same image half a dozen times.

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