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Some random stuff I experience and was wondering if you do too

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Right after the incident that lead to my HPPD my eardrums seem to tighten and sounds like rolling thunder or something and it happens when I close my eyes or open my mouth all the way like in a yawn. Also I got a cyst or that is what the doctor says on the right side of my neck right below my skull the back right side of my skull, literally just a finger below my skull and this can go either way, my neck can start hurting and that cyst will hurt then I get 2 migraines 1 feels right in the middle of my brain 1 is right near my spin on the back lower part of my head, or my head can start hurting first then my neck tenses up and the cyst hurts, it also seems like the cyst gets bigger/harder and smaller and softer, could be because I touch it a lot when this happens but idk. Also I get swollen lymph nodes in my neck around my jaw line sometimes. Also I can feel the veins near my temples pulsing when i get a severe headache and these come quiet common unless I am on some sort of pain medication. Anyone have anything like this happen to them after they got HPPD? All of these happened either the day after or within a few days of the incident that led me to getting HPPD. If it helps you the night I got it I popped some pipebombs and some mdma before that I drank 2 40s, I was fine, then smoked some hash with some high end and after I smoked I went into complete retardation mode. My brain felt like it was swelling, felt like I had worms in my head squirming around, my neck hurt so bad, my vision went crazy, couldn't form words, state of confusion but was aware of where I was at and knew something was not right and when I got home I seriously thought I had went crazy and I would be going to the looney house. Also I shake a lot now, I can't control my hands they will shake out of nowhere and I don't even notice. My body and legs do this as well.

Thank you

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myself and at least two people i know have had the same sound while flexing face muscles thing you're describing. I think it's a natural if not common thing and dont know if it necessarily is tied to the cyst or just semi related. For me its just when I move the muscles in my neck i can flex the muscles of my ear making my eardrums vibrate. it's fun at times if not semi annoying but i dont know if its something to worry about


and the vein pounding thing too.. completely normal if not common. you can visibly see my temples pulsing and muscles twitching throughout my body due to random spasms i get. again wouldnt worry bout it

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I do get it where sounds sound a bit more deeper and 'bassy' now, I also can't distinguish where sounds are coming from as well as I could before.

However, you'd be surprised at the amount of symptoms that can be caused by anxiety, even mild anxiety. From physical sensations you describe, to trembly hands, even to mild hallucinations. I realised this the first time I took benzodiazepines and many of these symptoms vanished, I asked why and I realised the anxiety had also diminished while under the influence.

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