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My experience - Help me out


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Hey guys TayTay here, was just wondering if people could read about what happened and could talk to me about it and what their thoughts are on this subject. Thank you :) 

So about three months ago, I attended a party and consumed 3 pills (MDMA) which were 9 parts MDMA and 1 part caffeine each. Before this occasion I had taken pills at events before and wouldn't really get harsh or big visuals except one time (out of about 15-20 times popping pills) when I smoked some weed at the come down which bought me into a big visual trip. So I ate the pills and during the come up (without feeling any of the roll yet) I smoked two cones. I was feeling fine and was rolling quite hard and then about an hour into the roll I had a flashback to my DMT experience last year, and it was an identical trip to what I had tripped when I smoked the DMT. It started freaking me out to the point of crying and screaming and the trip would come on in waves, and time distortion was very much prominent. Anyway, before this bad experience I had, I had been quite capable of taking up to 4-5 tabs of acid and taking a lot of mushrooms and I would be fine, never to a point of breakthrough though. So I was quite known to the psychedelic scene. After my DMT experience the year before for about a month or so I was seeing the trees differently and perceiving them how I did on DMT, and that eventually went away after the month. My brother had to come and give me some xannax to stop the trip and calm me down. Ever since then though my perception has changed. As well as that, my anxiety was strong and would give me anxiety attacks that made me think I was tripping out. Since then my perception has been changed. I see glows around lights, and if I stare at them for the tiniest moment it leaves the imprint in my eye sight for a while. I get trails on almost everything, even if I move my head fast. My visual noise it quite demanding on me as well. I get little green lines on the walls when I stare at them that create like a spider web. I always get light lines around my vision as well. And of course, the trees still look way different to what I remember them to be. I am positive in the way I haven't returned to that trip again that made me stop everything and have a freak out, but I would like some help on actually knowing what this cause is, (I have just found out about HPPD) and would really appreciate some input from you guys. At times I feel like I am going insane and my anxiety just fills me up. It really is annoying but at the same time I am sure it could be way more harsh then what I am experiencing. Thank you guys ! 

Taytay <3

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