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Nac safe while taking keppra?


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Took 250mg a couple hours ago. Right after I took it I noticed a difference. Had a bath to try and relax.. Experienced some anxiety but it went away and when it Did my visuals improved. I can't explain it. I don't know how but after one dose I feel better. My thinking is clearer, my visuals are improved. I picked up my cat and really felt how soft he is. I feel like a warm blanket has been placed over all the insane shit that's been going on in my head. If it stays like this I will say that keppra is a miracle drug. But it's sill too early to tell obviously. considering how bad I was doing this is much needed relief.

Wish me luck and ill keep everyone posted on my progress.

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Family doc can prescribe it it think but I got mine from my psychologist

I'm back in the shitter tho. I was feeling good for a couple days. Decided to have some beers with my buddy. Major mistake. My hppd burst through whatever the keppra was doing. My guts are all messed up. Bought some probiotics and enzymes today. Feel totally out of it. Why the hell I'd I sabotage This? I was feeling normal. Good even. Confident. Now I'm back in the static and dpdr really bad. So typical of me To fuck it up.

God damn it

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