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Using Steroids


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You must be out of your mind to try steroids in your condition. They are bad enough for a healthy individual, nevermind someone with hppd. Who knows how much havoc they could wreak on your mental stability (roidrage) or possibly negatively affect your visuals. Imo, its just an all around dumb idea.

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We'll actually there not that bad, while on roids I could have the ultra motivation to eat very healthy en sleep better than I do now.

Also now i still take drugs, once a while, and I would stop doing that if I would use roids because than the anabolic cycle would not be at his best.

But i understand your logic, but you might be wrong. Roid rage doesn't even excist, but it might infect my visuals true that!

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I took anadrol 50 for a little bit but not long enough about 9 months ago, I was going to start working out again but I couldn't get off my subutex at the time and was working 70+ hours a week so I stop taking them. Wouldn't mind getting back on dbols and some sustanon 250 though! I agree with you 100%, if roids are taken correctly like pills taken for no longer then a month, don't drink alcohol, tons of milk thistle, tons of fish oil etc etc the basic stuff you really shouldn't have any issues just keep up with your blood work. Also from my experience I never gotten roid rage, I mostly just felt motivated, energized and more on beat but there were a few times I did feel maybe too much confidence lol. Not saying roid rage isn't real, my buddy had it bad but it wasn't ever towards someone he knew. Other then that keep some clomid/nolvadex/arimidex around and you will be fine. As far as visuals I didn't notice any affect on them as far as positive or negative go or any change in my psyche. Now I don't recommend taking steroids but what you do with yourself is your business.

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