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Hello All. I'm not going to give you a huge outrun of everything that's happening right now as I'm sure you've heard it all before. So I will put it fairly small points for you, aswell as the questions I have.

- Took Magic Mushrooms Once on the 26th May 2013
- Only experienced Minor symptoms, eg: Purple Flashes from car lights and just occurring on the road at night time.
- I was smoking weed at the time, during and after noticing these effects knowing it was HPPD symptoms but didn't really care as I was high 24/7 pretty much. 
- I quit weed 2 months ago, and since then I developed Anxiety from the withdrawals of weed because I was smoking it so much.

Basically, my symptoms have increased since I quit, rather large floaters, moving/breathing of objects if I concentrate/imprinting of objects from one thing to another if I concentrate, sometimes negative after images, visual snow only when I concentrate and auras round most things, moving of things in peripheral vision etc. Right now, I'm fairly scared. And I'm wondering if these symptoms will get worse and worse untill (?) 

I would like any form of reassurance or things to make me feel slightly better about this. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

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Hey wooshka welcome to the forum

Quitting weed was a good idea. Many people on here can't smoke because of the negative effects that it has on them.

From the sound of it you will be able to bounce back from this. Just stay away from any drugs.

Most people ignore the symptoms at first and continue to use and until one day their symptoms can't be ignored.

All the best


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I believe my symptoms started after I 'quit' weed too.


I've always had text movement and breathing visuals somewhat after mushrooms/lsd/mdma(dont know which one) but i didnt mind them at all because i thought it was normal and came with the lifestyle of smoking weed everyday and that it would go away if i stopped the weed.


I had to go sober because i had to come to asia for vacation. This was around mid may.


My hppd development started with random physical symptoms like fatigue/malaise, random pain, nerve zaps, cherry angiomas and a bunch. Eventually about a month after soberiety and random symptoms, i developed new visual symptoms like ghosting, starbursting, halos, and then later on worsening to some very very minor snow like thing (i cant say for sure its snow but pure solid colors do have some static-y appearance. My most recent one is edges wobbling.


For quite a few of these symptoms, it happens when I 'let' it happen. Things like ghosting i cant do anything about as it will occur in LEDs, lights and high contrast settings but for things like text movement i sort of have to look at the big picture of texts and really let loose. in minor form, it happens constantly though.


I did develop anxiety/fluctuation in pulse and blood pressure, headpressure about 2 month after sobriety but that faded on its own in 2-3 weeks. I still question if its another hppd induced symptom or something 'I' had developed as a reaction to hppd. I never had anxiety before. 


I think its really interesting that your progression of symptoms and even how it kind of started is similar to mine. including the fact that I also dont have the common symptom of visual snow. Only when i concentrate on it, i can notice that something is not a pure solid color more staticky but barely noticeable. 


Physical symptoms have come and gone, some have stayed but all my visual symptoms have stayed.....for now


However, when i first got it, even though im fairly new (4month in), i can tell you i was in a whole different mindset.

About 2month into it, I started thinking I was fucked. GG. Life over . Existential crisis. But even that only lasted 2-3 weeks for me. I guess i was pretty lucky as many others have it bad here with DP/DR.


Something I used to really cope was thinking about myself before HPPD and forcing myself to be that person again, thinking about how visual symptoms are just visuals and my mentality shouldnt really change. I'm not that weak. ETC ETC. Right now, i think i subconsciously believe that i will eventually get better and i also put some of that belief into future science however im also accepting the fact that i can live with this forever. I think believing and preparing for both ends can really help with the acceptance/coping. It will be a different story if it gets extremely worse though.


Also going out to meet friends sort of helped. At first, ill be noticing all the lights and visuals somewhat but when it's still there after an hour and my friends are there i sort of just started to concentrate on my friends and being grounded with the situation at hand. It helped me learn to not mind it as much. It was hard the first feew times but it was getting easier. But i should also mention that my anxiety was residing away on its own before that. 

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