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Noopept, safe?


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Have any of you tried this potent nootropic? It is part of the racetam family and is supposedly 1000 times more potent than piracetam. If so, what were your experiences? I ask this because I have some coming in the mail today. I am slightly nervous to try it and excited as well. I just want to ensure that Im doing myself no harm by ingesting noopept.

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Ahh that's good :) Hmm.. so-so. Having some good days, some bad. Some weird things happening lately, but that's probably just because I'm stubborn and tapering off Keppra too quickly, also just taking supplements at random, so I've not really been having a straight baseline of sorts. But good news is I got some new/different Coluracetam in the mail, and CBD will follow shortly, so I'm excited about that :)

What's your current cocktail?

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Wow, where did you order coulracetam and cbd from? Id definitely be interested in that for sure. As of now im taking multi vitamins , omega 3s, lions mane, acetyl l carnitine, alpha gpc, l tyrosine, vit b complex, magnesium, st johns wort , relaxation teas and ive been exerimenting with diff anxiolitics such as high doses of magnesium, tumeric, (antidepressant properties), and smoking an herbal blend of hops for anxiety. The hops is actually very helpful. It sort of calms my thoughts and helps me live in the moment. Also gives me the enjoyment of smoking again. Even if its not weed. It actually tastes similar :)

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Looks like you're doing much better of late, good to read! Hope I'm correct with this?

I got the Coluracetam from Ceretropic, and also from Stopacne.nl. Ceretropic should have it in stock really soon though (few weeks). I haven't tried Ceretropic's yet (only received it today), but I'm planning on doing so sooner rather than later. Ceretropic has been great (thanks guys, if you're reading this!) in customer service IME, whereas although Stopacne did send me another gram (long story but it was sort of a refund on shipping I presume), I never really got a reply or an e-mail with "Hey we shipped you another gram instead". Still have to compare the products though, so you might want to wait until I report back with that info. Also, Ceretropic is slightly cheaper.

I ordered CBD from both Amazon and from CBDgum, the latter of which I can recommend (great customer support, which I hold in high regards with my cognition haha.).

I also enjoy a smoking alternative (Passiflora). I'll have to try out hops though; sounds nice!
Cheers mate.

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