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I'd like to try it! It has good BBB permeability, though a half-life of 70 hours..
I doubt it would be sustainable in the long run, but it would be a good tool to explore the procholinergic hypothesis. If I were to try it, it wouldn't be a daily thing.
There are some reports over at Longecity with some pretty interesting stories, though I've also read of long-term adverse effects (due to its relatively long half-life) such as irritability and nausea. Obviously if anyone were to try this, it would be recommended to start a low dosage first, and then to wait a few days before trying a higher dosage (to let it out of the system again). It would seem adverse effects are reported with the higher doses, yet I've only looked into it briefly.
Now that you've got me thinking of it, I might actually see what I can do about trying this, because in the meantime finding Coluracetam is like finding a straw in a needle stack.
Side effects of Donepezil. Note that side-effects were most likely observed in patients suffering from Alzheimer's, which has a very broad range of symptoms which could've been wrongly attributed to Donepezil instead of disease-progression. In any case, probably best to have a doctor monitoring you while trying this, and preferably have a antiemetic available at hand, along with a benzo in case of fire ;)

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I noticed a big difference once starting this Donepezil medication. I do Suduko puzzles everyday. Eventually, I stopped taking this medicine because of leg cramps that kept me up at night, and I could not do Suduko as well. Once I went back on the medicine, I could resume my puzzles. My pharmacist gave me Hylands for leg cramps and now I sleep better and am not so foggy. Very happy.

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