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Need your help on Mirtazapine!

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I'm currently in the hospital because of my depression (and HPPD/DP/DR) and i saw a new doctor today. She added Mirtazapine to my current meds cocktail (Elontril,Keppra,Zyprexa), i'm gonna take the first dose tonight, has anyone had good/bad experiences with it?

To be honest i'm scared to try something new that could possibly worsen my symptoms.

I know there are already two threads about it but i couldn't find a clear answer

Thank You!

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Elontril is bupropion (ADD and/or Depression drug).  Keppra is for epilepsy.  Zyprexa is an almost 'across the board' DA and 5HT antagonist  (strong antipsychotic).    

Remeron/Mirtazapine is a drug from an earlier class of ADs  (tetracyclic/NaSSA)............ [ssris being the 'newer' class].


Sooo.....  i assume:


1. Keppra for anxiety-ish stuff

2. Remeron for depression 

3. Zyprexa for craziness

4.  bupropion for depression and motivation and concentration



~ I say:   Seroquil (instead of Zyprexa) taken at night.  By daytime it metabolizes into an Elontril-like drug and will boost Elontril's effect some.   May want to go on an SSRI instead of Remeron.   Keppra could be sub'd with Klonopin or Ativan or even Valium.

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