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Sometimes, I just can't sleep. Does this happen to you guys?

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Is this part of the good day/ bad day thing?

Is the good day / bad day phenomenon a personal thinking thing or is it something that HPPD has control over? 


Ever since I 'developed' anxiety 10 days ago, some days my brain just doesnt want to shut down. 

Even though anxiety is directly related to blood pressure and heartbeat , I want to downplay the anxiety part and blame it on irregular blood circulation. My BP and pulse fluctuates so much and even varies a lot by the second.

Some examples are:

124/59 69pulse

134/82 109 pulse



and it really feels like its irrelevant to how anxious I feel.

During the past ten days, I felt that high pulse/hbp was the reason i cannot sleep but after measurements, it isnt. 


If i do 'fall asleep' on the days i 'cant', its more of my body is sleeping and my brain is in an vivid closed eye day-dreaming mode. I'm pretty much 100% conscious to all external stimulations and if I open my eyes. But if i wake up from this state, my body will have internal tremors. (nothing actually shakes, only the sensation exist)


Also, just for some random info, I too have experienced that sleep deprivation can induce a 'clear thinking' mode though the head pressure seems to be intensified. (sleep dep doesnt always cause this though). 


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sleep problems seem to vary from person to person on these forums, but there seems to be at the very least some form of sleep trouble with most hppd'ers.. whether its the brain not turning off or cant kill the visuals.. or you just cant turn off.


if you can still manage to get sleep in between the bad days then just try to start addressing sleep hygiene habits and see if that helps. it's better to start trying those things now before the sleep issues get any worse, this way you can rule out issues within your habits as t he cause. sadly nothing works for me anymore except ambien. the nights i try not to take ambien, i wind up getting struck with my full body allergies... but i know exactly what you mean by the shaking.. the mroe still you get the mroe you feel the vibration building up.. the closer you get to "sleep" the more the buzz.. and then right when you think almost there.. almost there.... you get a muscle twitch and you're wide awake again.


systematically trying to slow down your breathing can help... try to open your mouth a little bit and slowly deeply breath in.. and then push it out slowly until lungs empty.. and just repeat in a fluid motion, as soon as your lungs are empty start breathing in again.. as soon as they full breath out.. try to keep focused on that and push the buzz to the back of your thoughts and it should should taper off.. but it doesnt always work. 


just be thankful if you can get yourself anything more than 2hrs of natural sleep any given night. That's the longest amount of natural non ambien induced sleep I've had in nearly 3 months now... but i guess i should still be positive about it. it's better than the 4 months of next to 0 sleep i had when i first melted my brain. 4 months.. total of 8 hours the entire 4 month period. completely fully forgot how to sleep. had to learn again what it meant to have my brain turn off and my subconscious mind exist separately from my conscious mind. they made a big deal about how many days michael jackson went without sleep when he was addicted to the propofol .. i saw it and laughed and thought "wuss"

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I was woken up by the twitch once but usually i have to 'wake up' because the 'dreams' get too intense and real, as if i was dreaming with my eyes open. 

Its never like this when im awake though, my racing thoughts are usually obsessions over hppd.


All my 'dreams' are closely related to the real world, uses logic, chronological, very vivid, and worrying(a mission) seems to be a common theme.

Basically my racing thoughts are in the form of dreams when i am closing my eyes. 

Its how i fall 'asleep' anyways; by daydreaming about something neutral. 


Also, food comas(sleepiness after eating), are a satisfying state for me but if i try to take advantage of it by trying to fall asleep, a minute after i close my eyes, it gives me the worst internal tremors and sleepiness is gone :|


I am in a content mood right now. The few hours before i try to go to sleep, some of my TRUE reaction emotions are back, i can focus on things enough to find them funny but eye and head pressure are definitely elevated.

I wonder if i just dont try to sleep at all, what would happen.


Breathing slow and deep definitely helps a bit in the moment but focusing on that is counter productive in trying to sleep. i just leave something to watch/listen on and ill usually trail off. 


Yea, im trying to manage everything without meds. Im still a newbie. 


Thanks for the replies.

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read up on sleep hygiene and better habits to follow. they should help some ways towards avoiding the medication .. cause unfortunately with the medication, the longer you use it the harder it is to get it to work as well or as long.. last night i got a total of 0 minutes of sleep bringing me now to a consecutive 72 hrs of being awake as of 5 minutes ago.. and that was taking my ambien. cant tell you how frustrating it is to not be able to sleep without the ambien.. and then not be able to sleep with it.. but still being stuck with the effects like increased hallucinations and CEVs.. by the 3rd hour in you kinda give up hope that any sleep will happen and it gets really fucking frustrating. 

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